How digital art is different from traditional art

In today’s world when everything is going tech savvy, many people think that digital

art has taken over the existence of traditional art. For many, it the age of digital world

where every artistic effect can be achieved by using some form of digital art work.

The traditional art form uses pens, colors, brushes, clay and other tools to create an art

form whereas a digital art comprises of creative artistic works that are done by using

various digital technology. For many artists and viewers, it is the art that is important

than the medium but for many even the medium of an art is deliberately as important

as an art itself. Where in traditional form of art an artist uses his/her own two hands

to design an art; in digital art form artwork is made either on computer or is captured

through digital camera.

But one need to understand the fact that no digital form of art can ever replace the

value and existence of traditional, handmade art work. Each form of art has its own

set of unique features, pros and cons which exclusively defines their own individuality.

Nowadays, many artists have started blending these two forms of arts to create some

beautiful yet unique hybrid artworks.

Below we have mentioned few points on both the art forms to understand them and

distinguish in between them in better way. Take a look.

Traditional art

Being unique in its orientation, traditional forms of arts usually have high market

value as compared to digital art forms. It is the value of artist’s creativity, hard work

and patience that make this art form stand out of the crowd. In reference of viewers

and admirers also, people will always be more interested in the artwork that is done

manually on canvas papers than a digital artwork that is printed technically on photo

paper. In terms of professional existence, traditional artwork is almost getting extinct

as it is very time consuming form of art which cannot meet the high deadlines of

professional work.

Digital art

From the films that you see in theatre to the games that are being played on PS, every

image that is being processed technologically is a digital form of art. This form of art

offers more options of experiments to the artists. With so many technological options

available in camera and software programs, this form of art becomes more sharpened

and précised making it suitable for professional use.

Both the art forms may be varied in their orientation, but on the grounds of

composition and elements and principles of designs they lie on familiar grounds. Both

types of art are strengthened by great color therapies and creative concepts. Both have

an artistic approach and are rewarding to their respective artists.

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