How cute would be our superheroes if they were kids..see them in action

Today adults have been lost so badly in the worldly pleasures that they cannot see simply what is going on around them. There are vices everywhere – corruption, terrorism, violence – but we keep on going with our own lives as if nothing bad is happening around us. The point is to not only worry about yourself, but about your coming generations who you are leaving the world behind for. What would these children feel about all of us when they grow older and see how we destroyed a perfectly fine world?
This Children’s day at we celebrate a Children’s day exhibition that promotes and encourages all artwork by children to come up on the website and be showcased in one of the biggest global exhibitions online. We believe that only children have the power to change the world with their innocence and creativity and these children are the focus of today’s blog. What if the Superheroes from our fiction novels and comic books came together with these innocent artists ? Would we be able to save the world? And if we do – shouldn’t we as adults feel about ourselves that it is these kids that had to step up to save the world and not us. Let’s take a look at Ankur Chaudhary and his illustration in the series of artworks he has been doing at Touchtalent.

 Baby Thor vs. CorruptionBaby-Thor-digital-art-335913

  Spiderbaby vs. TerrorismBaby-Spider-Man-digital-art-335912

  Ironbaby vs. Animal CrueltyBaby-Iron-Man-digital-art-335911 (1)

 Mini Hulk vs. Outlaws



Vice-Captain America vs. Voilence


 Artwork by Ankur Chaurdhary

Ankur has been curating amazing artwork for most of the blogs at and has been a huge hit among readers across the globe. He does everything from doodles to art work to cartoon – and is mostly working with funny and meaningful cartoons for specific occasions at

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