Higher-Education That Inspires Creative Expression: A Novel Model

While a lot of thrust has been given by the Governments of developing nations, towards mass education upto high school, little emphasis has been laid upon ‘higher-education’ for the youth. There have been a lot of dialogues on several platforms of prestigious repute, where many innovative ideas have been shared to throw light upon the need for a better model for the ‘higher education’ sector of a Nation. This post attempts at exploring a novel model that talks of Institutional Reforms required to adopt an education model that inspires creative expression.

1. Students must be given assignments that cajole them to introspect and find out about their “love for creative expression in Any form”. tweet


A Novel Creative Expression: Chalk Art.

Sculpting by Sachin Sanghe

Art can be made on a piece of chalk. It is an innovation at its best !! Higher-Education model should be designed in such a manner that makes the youth nurture creative potential as much as relevant to their field of study.

2. ‘Research’ has to be made a mandatory requisite to score a qualifying grade, every Semester.  Beauty of mind is unleashed, with every ‘research’ project. tweet


Research Enables Creative Unleash.

Digital Art by Vysakh Sidharth

To the best of my knowledge of educational curriculum in Institutes across the globe, the best-performing Institutes have a focus on ‘Research’ in their curriculum.

3. It is high time that higher-education model inculcates the importance of sleep and makes concerted efforts to inspire the youth to get enough sleep because only a restful mind is capable of ‘creative thinking and expression’. tweet


Sleep Is An Enabler Of Creative Expression

Digital Art by Allesandro Fiorini

It is a matter of concern that most youngsters take ‘sleep’ to be granted. The peer-pressure, along with the urge to know more and explore more, youngsters often cut back on ‘sleeping hours’. I remember the times during my primary education, my class-teachers used to instruct us for a “sleep break” while she would say “Now, all of you put your heads down, close your eyes and sleep for 30 minutes”. That used to be one of my favourite moments in school, every day :)

4. Personal attention to individual student is a key to building a sense of peace, among the youth. tweet


Peaceful Everywhere

3D-Art by Vinita Thanwani

While rigorous curriculum, highly qualified faculty, and subsidized tuition fee are great enablers of an inspiring higher-education paradigm, it is of utmost importance to create a “peaceful social environment” for the youth to feel free to express. This would require strict administration and a flexible governance structure that are conducive to growth. A father who tells his young teenager kid: “I am there to support your every dream; without you having to worry about the money, my boy. So, go and chase your dreams”, ensures that the kid is at *peace*.

5. Higher-education sector must include a mandatory course on “Arts and Music Appreciation” in its curriculum. Learning how to appreciate Art, inspires young minds to express creativity. tweet


Appreciate The Art (Sketching)

Sketching by Ronses Saban Sahroni

How will a youngster, who has never got an *exposure and the opportunity to learn how to appreciate* creative works, be inspired to CREATE an artwork ? Think about it. Why are so many NGOs, Foundations and Trusts spending billions of money into the Charity sector ? It is because they are all making efforts to *educate and acquaint* the underprivileged masses with the Awareness of A BETTER WORLD. Similarly, the Institutes of higher-education need to add an additional dimension to its core competence, so as to inspire the youngsters for creative expression.

6. There must be a balance of ‘course load’ and ‘engagement into extra-curricular activities’ for EVERY student. tweet



Photography by Pablo Avila

In the current scenario, on one side where ‘course load’ is normalized across all students in every Department, the extra-curricular activity engagement remains an un-organized area left to students for their voluntary participation. This needs to get a course-correction, and Institutes must create a model that is engaging every student, because every student has an innate talent, and it is the responsibility of the authority to make room for nurturing that talent.

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