Health Benefits of Origami

Origami – the craft of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures has gained a loyal base of dedicated fans worldwide. What is so interesting about it and why it becomes a massive hit? Does it offer anything else other than mental satisfaction? Here’s a brief
Origami, according to published reports, provides benefits beyond mental satisfaction. It’s fun to make interesting shapes out of paper, but practicing paper folding improves focus, cultures a skill, develop bran function. Origami has traditionally and contemporarily been found to have helped people with medical condition recover from ailments. From stimulating brain to helping hand- to-eye coordination to improving mental concentration; it helps recover, rejoice
It challenges cognitive levels, imagination and makes you happy – once you are done by turning a paper into interesting shape.
People who have history of depression, mental illness can find a ray of hope in Origami.
Read reports on how people have recovered by practicing Origami – VOA

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