Rakhi Special – Why It’s Awesome to Have A Sister

Some relationships in life are designed to stay special, unique, and forever tweet

Now that today is Rakhi, we bring to you some facts why it’s wonderful and awesome to have a sister. Read on, hug your sister, let her feel special and then resume those fight :)

She feels great to know your secrets, although it is certain that she’ll never share your secrets against you

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You heard her saying she hates you, but (whatever you are, whoever you are) she can’t live without you

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She’s your best friend, and never hesitate to compromise her comfort to bring your face a lively smile

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You fight with her on silly affairs, but make up quickly, only to fight again on silly affairs

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She survives your boring talks by making an inquisitive face, even if she has better things to do

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She can’t hear worldly criticism against you, and try to safeguard you against blames, regardless of your innocence status

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She cries with you on adversities, stands by you during bad times, but readily claims her share of contribution during any achievement

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She surprises you, beyond your expectation, by getting a gift for you every time she goes for a shopping

innocent-smile-265007 tweet

She’s your unselfish, free yet best counselor for things as complex as breakup, love, relationship

10246816_747322905291151_2623443860271617185_n tweet

Despite your fashion sense, she always has some really wonderful ideas that prove you’re still a learner

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Happy Rakhi!

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