Be Yourself: Said Great Personalities.


Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Sketching by Amlan Mishra

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is a ‘Bharat Ratna’ recipient and has been an inspiring personality in India. His Indian education along with his upbringing in the country, coupled by his professional experiences in India, create a beautiful personality that is passionate about the growth of the nation. Apart from supporting ‘open source’ technology and inspiring youngsters to focus on ‘research’ in science and technology, he is a strong advocate of nurturing the creative potential of all youth, so that India shines in Her complete brightness! In many of his books, Dr. Kalam has emphasized upon the power of independent thinking, and creative usage of all available resources, for the benefit of the nation as a whole. tweet


Will Smith

Sketching by Shashank Mayekar

Will Smith is known to be one the most successful, and “richest under 40″ Hollywood actor. He was born to parents in the US, he did well in academics, scored high SAT scores, and had connections in the ‘Admissions Board’ of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) that wanted ‘Black’ boys, which he qualified for. Instead of going to college, he chose to BE HIMSELF, and pursue his talent. ‘Be Yourself’ is the insightful message he continues to deliver in many of his inspirational speeches. He began his career as a rapper, got into Television shows and eventually made it into Films in Hollywood. The rest is history! tweet


Footballer Thierry Henry

Sketching by Aditya Karan

Even being born in a “difficult” neighbourhood, Thierry Henry made the best use of local footballing facilities, and played with all his love and passion. At 7-year old, he was discovered by Claude Chezelle who recruited him to the local club ‘CO Les Ulis’. Eventually, he made a career in football and is a star now! His message reveals an inspiring message indeed: Be Yourself. tweet


Indian Teenage Actress_Alia Bhatt

Sketching by Manju Chaudhuri

Being the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt, it may seem easy for her to get an entry into Bollywood, but if truth be believed, she showed courage to drop-out of school & embrace public criticisms, to follow her heart and start auditioning for an acting role in a film. As she continued to follow her passion, Alia Bhatt performed decently well in all of her films, and has been seen taking public criticisms in her own stride while she works hard to learn General Knowledge, continue her daily work-out regime, and take up challenging roles. “Be Yourself” is a message she politely gives out to the youth of India, and is loved by all for that matter as well. tweet

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