The Gowns of Dark Halloween Dreams

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Meg Kline

Hi I'm Meg! I'm a buyer for a chain of clothing boutiques in Europe. I travel the world frequently on someone else's dime and love writing in my free time! Sending positive vibes out to everyone. :)

Halloween is just around the corner!  Our Touch Talent community always gets into the Halloween spirit with creative works inspired by nightmares and the things that go bump in the night.  If you’re looking for some inspiration that isn’t drawn from cliche store bought costumes, then we suggest taking a fashionable approach to Halloween this year.  This week we’re featuring Nepal based graphic artist, Nabin Chautariya and his realistic damsels of the darkness.  Chautariya’s work depicts life-like beautiful women wearing morbidly gorgeous gowns in settings that appear to be the introduction to a horror movie.  When it comes to fashion for this spooky occasion, Chautariya is right on target.  It’s hard to believe that he’s a graphic designer and not a fashion designer with the elegant detailed gowns that so perfectly accent his dark yet beautiful work.  Check out a few samples from his impressive portfolio below:

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Are you looking to get some Halloween photography done this week?  Here are some suggestions on how to style your shoot using fashion that sets the mood for a horror scene without being cheesy:

Visit Your Local Thrift Shop

You can find several special occasion and formal gowns at thrift shops.  You can even find wedding dresses if you’re going for a morbid bride look.  Since you can get these lovely gowns for a steal when it comes to price, you won’t have any regrets roughing up the dress during your photo shoot.

Distress or Deconstruct For a Dramatic Effect

Get creative and distress the gown or deconstruct it to create a look as if your model has been trying to flee for her life, or even rose from the dead.  You can also search for local thrift shop for props for your Halloween shoot as well.  Attention to details will only make your work more dynamic!

Add a Corset For a More Vintage Look

You can completely transform a modern prom dress into a more of a vintage look simply by adding a lace up corset over it.  If the dress isn’t strapless you can try tucking the straps in or cut them off and secure the bodice of the inside of the corset using small safety pins or hand stitching.  If you have a corset that you love, but can’t find a dress that compliments it, you can always visit your local fabric store to find fabric to create the ideal skirt.  This of course requires more crafting skill, but can be pulled off by a beginner too.  You can gather and pin the fabric to the bottom of the inside of the corset to create a dress effect and even a train.

Don’t Forget Accessories!

Adding other accessories like finger-less lace gloves, vintage jewelry, an accent headpiece, or a small hat can create a unique and striking look for your model.

We can’t wait to see more of your Halloween art!  Be sure to add your latest work to your portfolios on Touch Talent and tag it #Halloween!

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