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One of the best forms of self expression I have come across is fashion. People say that art and fashion are not the same but as far as I know, I have seen that they are very much similar. And Goth fashion has been anything less than self expressive.


Here we look at Jaeda Dewalt from Seattle, USA and some of her amazing dark fashion and art photography work.


If u observe u would find that some of the best designers in the industry have used fashion especially goth culture as a method to express their feelings and emotions. And in a way I can totally relate to it. Who wouldn’t love having a medium like that to express your emotions!


Think of Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Marko Mitanovski , Rei Kawakubo and the likes. The collections they come up with actually do have the ability to chill you to your bones. The garments tend to be hauntingly sublime, ethereal, macabre and certainly pieces to die for.


Probably one of the reasons we all love goth fashion is because somewhere deep down inside of us there is a dark side which we try to hide. And probably this gives us some sort of release.


Probably most of you have even gone through that goth phase in high school where you always wore black, painted your nails black and deep red lipstick and scared of the rest of the human society. I for one haven’t but there was a side of me who always wanted to.


Like all of the above mentioned designers, Jaeda Dewalt brings across the weird, dark and crazy side of fashion through her photography. Her pictures have this eerie and hauntingly beautiful quality which draws you to them.


Somewhere among the pictures are a sense of lost hope, love, dark passion, tragedy and mystical beauty. A sense of eeriness which we have come to love.




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