Get Ready for a Children-Only Exhibition at Touchtalent

Few subjects in this world deserve a special photography space like children do. Catching children smiling, playing, fighting and every little thing they do bring forth some awesome montage of photographic moments – naturally creative with no additives of artificial elements. Children are God’s own creation of any symbolic that represents purity, dignity, perfection and innovation. Interestingly, from time to time, photographers took a delightfully serious interest in bringing children in action on lens thereby discovering an interesting avenue of photography.

With Children’s Day knocking its door, Touchtalent has decided to start off a 7-day long art exhibition. This time, the exhibition is little different. Read why later in the post. Meanwhile, scroll down to view some interesting children’s photography, paintings, digital art sourced from Touchtalent’s Children’s Day Exhibition held in 2013.






We hope you loved the creative artworks. This year, Touchtalent Children’s Day has a twist. This year, the exhibition is a Children’s only exhibition; which means only children from anywhere can participate. Selected entries will be awarded with certificate of appreciation. Click exhibition  to know

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