Flower Photography Tips

Flower photography is a skill-independent, device-independent, proficiency-level independent art that anyone with any capturing device and with basic or no knowledge of photography can do. Such is the charm of catching flower on lens – they are so absorbingly interesting, beautifully defined and charmingly creative that you need not to learn the ins and outs of photography to become a pro at it. But it is certainly important you know the best practices of an ideal flower shoot – to leave no error. Here are tips to help you on your next flower venture. The next flower tips guide covers the remaining five points.

Understand the weather

Flower is a subject you should treat with clarity. They are ideal to match well on your lens if unfavorable weather is not an issue. Never venture out to shoot a garden when it is windy, unless your specific aim is to create a collage of blurred flower petals, besides too much of sun kills the essence and brightness of flower. So, avoid wind and sun and settle for a perfectly ideal setting. When it is calm weather, remember it is flower time.

Don’t emphasize camera

People with DSLR claim their flower photos are better than rest. While the case varies, and DSLR works, flower photography is not dependent on any specific device. You can shoot awesome flower pictures even with your compact cameras. For flower photography, it is the photographer who matters, not the camera. I’ve heard people saying they’ve clicked excellent flower photos using their mobile camera. I don’t doubt their claim since it is quite easy these days for high resolution mobile cameras to shoot as much clearer images as any professional camera.

Sit, watch, learn

To catch excellent flower shoots, you need to understand the flower. And to understand the flower, the right move is not to look at them from above and shoot. The ideal practice is to sit, watch and understand. Making haste is to ensure you are leaving some vital ingredients and details that the flower could have provided you if you sat and invested time in learning it.

Wait for our part 2 on the coverage tomorrow!

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