Five Offbeat Artists Who’ll Surprise You with Their Creativity

Did you know of an artist who literally discovers elephant out of a blown-out candle? An artist who shapes a chalk into Ambitabh Bachchan? An artist who uses type writer to draw Sachin Tendulkar?  An artist who gathers thousands of match sticks to recreate Eiffel Tower? You’ll get to learn about each of them in the blog


Matchstick Maestro

Meet Deepak Jothi – a matchstick artist. He loves to gather matchsticks – hundreds and hundreds a week for a unique hobby not many artists would practice.  He gathers these sticks and with the help of glue and other adhesive products, recreates world famous structures, icons, and historic products such as Eiffel Tower, Titanic and BMW William.



Chalk Charmer

Meet Sachin Sanghe – a chalk and pencil lead artist. While most of we would think pencil and chalk a writing product, Sachin had a different notion. He use chalk and pencil lead to shape them into celebrities, well-known personalities and divine characters. One of his artworks was so awesomely-done, Bollywood biggie Ambitabh Bachchan himself twitted about it.




Candle Curious

Meet Rizwan Ashraf – an artist with unlimited curiosity. We blow out candle every day, but do we actually take time, and idea to discover what happens thereafter? Rizwan’s curiosity helped him discover different shapes as unique as Bird, Duck, Dragon in a blown out candle. He intelligently framed the moments in lens. Discover yourself!




Typewriter Talent

Meet Uday Mahadeo – a type writer artist. He has already got records on his name. Typewriter is a thing of yesterday and a milestone product which once had a rage with it, but for Uday it still does. For him, it is eternal – timeless. He use his manual typewriter to draw portraits of famous celebrities.





Sand Shaper 

Meet Manisha Swarnkar – artist who turns sand on screen into shapes, and stories. Manisha’s canvas is screen and her painting element is sand. She puts sand on illuminated screen, and then moves it so creatively that it looks like shapes. Then the activity actually becomes a story in itself.  The video presented below covers her sand work on Rasleela story

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