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“The Fate of Triya” – Every Girl Must Watch

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Watch and share the video of “Triya – The Indian Girl” and be prepared to feel your conscience kicked alive.


We’ve finally come to that emotionally complacent point in our lives as humans, where things like rape, murder and terrorism has stopped affecting us. We read about it. We wonder. We feel bad. And we move on.


Moving on is not an option for Gargie Verma. This singer-songwriter from New Delhi was deeply upset after the Nirbhaya case (we all were). She wrote a rather emotional song, titled Triya as an expression of her anger and frustration against all the violence and assault that the girls around her have had the misfortune of experiencing. tweet

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When I first saw the video, I was angry. It reminded me of all the times I heard people say, “She must have asked for it” or “Big deal, he didn’t actually touch you, did he?”. The kind of excuses we give ourselves and other people to steer clear of controversies have only started to increase. Roads and building are getting taller, and we’re only getting more and more emotionally regressive. tweet

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“I was just so infuriated with all these heinous crimes against girls, that I had to write something. This song is dedicated to all the survivors,” said Gargie, when I spoke to her about the music video. tweet



Triya has won many awards for it’s brave, blatant disregard for the assault on femininity, including the Best Music Video Award at the Bangalore Film Festival 2014, and also the Excellence Award at the Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival 2014.  Gargie has also travelled to many cities, and many festivals with this song, hoping to spread the message that apathy is the worst reaction to the increasing crimes of today. tweet

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