Fashion Spotlight: Eccentric Makeup Artistry

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Meg Kline

Hi I'm Meg! I'm a buyer for a chain of clothing boutiques in Europe. I travel the world frequently on someone else's dime and love writing in my free time! Sending positive vibes out to everyone. :)
Written by Meg Kline

Makeup artistry is an essential component of the fashion industry, and at times earns more attention than the clothes the model is actually wearing.  High fashion makeup on the catwalk varies from mute to eccentric, and works to complete the entire fashion experience.  Our fashion community on Touchtalent is steadily growing and this week we’re shining a spotlight on fashion artist Chetan Karkhanis!  This up and coming artist hails from Thana, India and his portfolio showcases several works of fashion portraits.  It is very evident that Karkhanis is inspired by eccentric high fashion makeup.  His models are canvases for bright, bold, and colorful makeup artistry.  Check out a few samples from Karkhanis’ stunning portfolio.





If you find Karkhanis’ work inspiring, then you may want to experiment with eccentric makeup artistry yourself.  Here are 5 tips that a new artist may want to consider:

1.  Keep the model’s hair out of the way.  You want to avoid making any mistakes you’ll have to correct on your human canvas, so use metal clips to keep the model’s hair away from their face. In order to keep the clips from making dents in the hair that are hard to get out later, cut an index card into sections. Then place a card piece between the hair and the metal of each clip.

2.  Bring an electric fan.  When trying to apply makeup quickly you want avoid smudging liquid eyeliners, foundations, lipsticks, and other liquid makeup products.  A fan will help dry your model’s face during the creative process.

3.  Save your expensive makeup for the photo shoot.  When practicing a new technique or look, use cheap makeup products so you can master a style without breaking the bank.

4.  Ditch the black eyeliner and mascara.  Black has become the go-to color for eyeliner and mascara, but if you’re looking for an unconventional look you should experiment with other colors.  Greys and browns can produce a softer, more dreamy look.  If you want a pop of color, try a bold blue, purple, or red.

5.  Experiment with different media.  Like painters, makeup artists often use other types of materials to create high fashion looks.  You can experiment different looks using sequins, glitter, feathers, gems, and more!

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