Fascinating Facts About Love and Relationship You (Probably) Never Knew

Love is perhaps the most fascinating experience ever happens between two people.  The facts about love are equally fascinating! We cover some of those with backing of statistics and facts from research and studies. Read on!

Monogamous relationship is not a human-only phenomenon

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If you knew humans are the most faithful species in the world, update your GK. We have competitors from wildlife who offer better examples of how to commit to a life-long relationship. Gibbons, Swans, Penguins, Albatrosses, Black vultures, Termites, Prairie voles, Turtle are monogamous and form impressively faithful pairing bonds. No misunderstanding, no faith check, no infidelity, no divorce. This raises the need for a discussion – who are more civilized – Men or Animals?    Source

If you haven’t liked someone in 4.1 seconds, you don’t make a pair

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It takes only 90 seconds to 4 minutes to decide if you actually like someone. A research reports percentage wise distribution of attraction measurement – 55% is through body language, 38% is the tone and speed of our voice, Only 7% is through what we say. Source. So now on wards, when you are falling for someone, blame it on your weakness for his body language. Similarly, if you are to impress someone, improve your presentation style rather than scripting those love lines for the latter impacts least.

You and your partner’s heart rates synchronies, if both of you gaze at each other’s eyes

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If you are involved in a romantic relationship, your heart beats in sync with your partner’s. The finding was result of a research done on 32 heterosexual couples, who were asked to stare at one another for three minutes. Source  So if you find contrasting result on this experiment, does it mean there probably is something wrong in either yours or your partner’s commitment level? :(

Looking at a stranger’s eyes after an intimate discussion could change your life

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When two strangers discuss intimate details with each other and then maintain eye contact for a while without talking, they could fall in love, says a research.  So, we suggest you maintain a holistic and informed eye contact. Not doing this could be fatal.

On an average, men spend almost 365 days of their lives staring at women

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The average man is likely to spend 43 minutes a day staring at 10 different women. That adds up to 259 hours – almost 11 days – each year, making a total 11 months and 11 days between the ages of 18 and 50. Source. So, if you are habituated at accusing your partner of ogling at women at predicted and unpredicted setting, you should console yourself! It is in his DNA, not necessarily an individual fault.

Men tell ‘I Love You’ quicker than women

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Men are quicker at saying ‘I love you’ than women. According to research men take only 88 days to tell their feelings, compared to a woman’s languorous 134. Source.

Other awesome facts about love and relationship

Looking at the picture of someone you love, holding his/her hand can alleviate physical pain Source, Source tweet

Men who kiss their wives before leaving for work live longer, have fewer car accidents, than married men who don’t Source tweet

Thinking of love and sex inspires concrete thinking and influences creativity Source tweet

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