You may have met them in movies. Did you have a teacher with similar characteristics?

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With teachers day coming close; we decided to cover an industry that is very close to Indians – Bollywood and spice it up with a topic that is very relevant for teacher’s day – Teachers.  The result is this blog. Enjoy reading. In case you think we could have added more interesting entries into the list, shy not suggesting us in comment. Thank you!

Bollywood has delivered a good number of teachers on screen, but there are only a few who truly left their extremely influential presence. They made stories come alive, developed a legacy of inspiration, provoked interesting debates, simplified complexities of relationship, and best of all made viewers stick to their seats for as long as they were active on the silver screen. Touchtalent, ahead of Teacher’s day, presents an updated list of Bollywood teachers who always deserve a standing ovation for everything they did to inform, entertain, and engage us! Read on!


Change Agent Aamir Khan



A teacher need not be necessarily a teacher. Rather, he can be a friend, he can invent new ways of learning engagement for the well being and collective growth of his class including student with any condition, proves Ram Shankar Nikumbh or Aamir Khan in directorial debut Taare Zameen Par. A wonderful movie that changes stereotype about teacher and proves a teacher can literally challenge anything – if he thinks beyond text book!


Disciplined Amitabh Bachchan and warm-hearted Shahrukh Khan



A teacher is a disciplinarian, a man of morals, a civilian who can bring a massive fan following with true action that doesn’t use violence, proves Prabhakar Anand or Amitabh Bachchan in Aarakshan. The idealistic Prabhakar plays an excellent example of stubborn teacher who can compromise his comfort, fight for justice only to help his students shine and make education system better. Other than Aarakshan, Bachchan’s role as Debraj Sahai (Black) and Narayan Shankar (Mohabbatein) are equally enlightened. He’s always a classic Bollywood teacher! And then we have King Khan as Raj Aryan Malhotra playing a warm-hearted teacher in Mohabbatein who believes in the message of love being shared in the form of melody.


Sexy and stylish Sushmita Sen



Chemistry can be tough to digest if you are not attentive. But when you have a sexy teacher giving smiley lectures on complicated chemical equations, expect what? You suddenly start loving chemistry more than ever and those dull lectures immediately seemed like classic gyan, proves Chandni Chopra or Sushmita Sen of Main Hoon Na . She’s always an adorable actor and as a teacher she is too adorable!

 Irritating Boman Irani




Some teachers are always peculiar. They make an unbearable lot of confused, irritating gyan preacher who put personal preferences above anything and even if they are perfectionist, they don’t deserve respect, but some day some change agent comes in their life so they can reconsider their standing and redefine their attitude, experiences Viru Sahashrabuddhi or Boman Irani in Three Idiots. No other actor could fit in the role so nicely as Irani does.


Ever hungry Amole Gupte 


 Most teachers are hungry for sharing quality education. Some are for food.  Do you doubt? Watch Amole Gupte playing the role of Babu Bhai Verma in Stanley Ka Dabba.  The film has some unique performance from teachers; the classic one being played by Amole – he’s ever hungry, and doesn’t hesitate to grab dabbas (lunch box) of students. The film throws light on child education system


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