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The Everyday’s of Today (EDOT) : A Comic Version You Can Not miss!

A Comic which will make you laugh for certain!

Have you ever imagined your week as individuals with their own special characteristics and their own significance like people and friends do? Well , even if you haven’t – Touchtalent has decided to do that for you and we present you – Your week in 7 funny characters you will relate to and you don’t want to stop reading till the end!

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“When your boss demands the report from last week. When your teacher in school wants to see all your weekend assignments. When you have to pay all the bills and do all this with a bad hangover from Sunday. You know it is a ‘Monster Monday‘.”

comic monday

“Done with the weekend’s workload? You suddenly have a pile of new one to sink in for the week. ‘The Bossy Tuesday’ – the new week begins.”

Comic Tuesday

“Half-way through the week. Don’t know whether to plan for the weekend or finish the work from the days before. Your boss is giving you new work for the next week and demanding updates on the previous week. What a ‘Dumb Wednesday’!”

Comic Wednsday

“Are you helplessly drowned in work today? Do you have too many assignments in college to send in before the week closes? And all of this – with your mom nagging you to not eat Non-Vegetarian today. It’s definitely a ‘Helpless Thursday’!” 

Comic Thursday

“You have too much work to do on your table but you are sitting and thinking about the 2 days to come? The whole day goes by in planning what to wear at the evening outing? Tempting you with the weekend – it must be a ‘Hot Friday’.

Comic Friday

“The weekend is just 1 day old – you are having fun with some drinks and you are feeling young and bold. Half days at schools and colleges – full nights of partying and enjoying. ‘The Fun Saturday’ seems to be underway.”

Comic Saturday

“The most chilled out day of the week. You are still hungover from last night but you want to pop till you drop. No tension whatsoever – calm as a cucumber. A laid-back ‘Stoned Sunday’.”

Comic Sunday

Comic EDOT

Images Courtesy : Gunjan Asthaputre

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