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Indonesian culture is the perfect blend between original indigenous traditions and customs and various foreign influences. Nevertheless, despite the foreign influences, the art and culture of Indonesia is still known for its unique songket, ikat, batik or the impressive statues of Buddha and his life. Furthermore, the creativity of Indonesian people can also be encountered in music, digital art, graffiti or 3D art. Here we present 10 amazing artists that every Indonesian should follow

Marius Mamora

Maruis Mamora currently resides in Bandung, Indonesia. His work is very modern. Most his works stem from a career as a graphic designer. This skill in the digital medium has of course lent itself very well to his other interest, including Fashion and Interior design. He is also a Creative director, both in animation (2D or 3D) as well as live action.

Women POV

women-P-O-V-189213Red B&W


 Tutut Adinegoro

Living in Jakarta, Indonesia, Tutut Adinegoro is a talented portrait photographer. She is skilled with digital as well as film photography. Her distinct editing style is what sets her apart from other portrait artists. She edits her photos to look like they are realistic sketches through photo manipulation. She is also very capable of capturing live events, such as concerts, as well.

Day U 2




 Dito Sugito

Residing in Jakarta, Indonesia, Dito Sugito is a very skilled digital painter. His works tend toward abstract and impressionistic, exploding with color and texture. His earlier works include colorful renditions of street photos offering a 1-point perspective to the viewer, images of the outlines of women on abstract backgrounds, and impressionistic paintings of people, buildings and flowers.

Red Line



LONELY-306848 (1)

 Ag Adibudojo

Ag Adibudojo is located in Bandung, Indonesia, and has a penchant for exceedingly expressive black and white photographs. Skilled in photography as well as marketing, many of his photos make their way into ads for magazines and posters. His more artistic pictures explore striking textures found in natural plants and animals with extreme close-ups with a macro-style to them.




Ang Bay

Ang Bay currently resides in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He calls himself an “ordinary man” living the “life of an illustrator. He is a skilled illustrator, capable of basically any 2-D illustration, be it a logo, a vector image or typography on the digital side of things, though he is just as competent with traditional art mediums as well. His style is modern, which lends itself well to the type of art he is often commissioned to do.

Norsemen Myth Series : Fenrir


Grand Ndeso Auto


Eddy Noor

A rather established and experienced artist, Eddy Noor lives in Bandung, Indonesia. He is a sculptor, painter and art glass decorator. He graduated from the Institute of Technology in Bandung and took with him the knowledge of great sculpting. Many of his works reside in museums all over the world, from Malaysia, to Duabia, to even Toronto Canada. He has created the world’s largest glass painting entitled “Five Composition.”

Golden Ox

GOLDEN-OX-218174Renggong Horse


Wawan Teamlo

Currently located in Depok, West Java, Indonesia, Wawan Teamlo is primarily a musician and comedian, and his visual art represents this strikingly. He is famous for his stylistic caricatures, blending realism in shading, color, and value with comedic exaggeration of facial features common in caricature work.

Sad Little Girl

SAD-LITTLE-GIRL-274981World Cup -Argentina Team

World-Cup-Argentina-team-250552 (1)

W Bari An

Residing in Jakarta, Indonesia, W Bari An brings a classically modern style of watercolor and colored pencil paintings and drawings to the Indonesian art scene, with a focus on nautical imagery, such as sailboats and ships. He is also capable of expressive portraits.

The Harbor



Denny Huang

Offering the simple phrase “life is art,” Denny Huang is an Indonesian artist that specializes in effective 2D rendering. All of his art is produced through traditional mediums in a photo-realistic manner, and even the more fantastical images he can create looks lifelike and real.

I’m Crying

-Im-Crying--154221Ninja Warrior


Opa Joe

Opa Joe lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is a video producer and director, as well as a photographer and painter. His artwork seeks to capture the beauty of Indonesia, be it in a beautiful girl, a stunning beach, or a group of children at play, as well as seeking to point out the country’s less-than-beautiful side with image of destitute people living in the slums of Jakarta.

Waiting For Grandchild

Waiting-for-grandchild-234832Tanjung Ann, Lombok Island, Indonesia


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