‘What’ Is Education?

‘Empowerment’ is Education

Education is the manifestation of divinity that already exists within a human being, said the Indian monk ‘Swami Vivekananda’. It is true that every individual is potentially divine, which directly means that every human being is equally capable of performing any task that helps him/her stand on his own feet, earn an honest livelihood, and live a meaningful life. However, what is to be noted is the fact that, “capability” needs to be “nurtured” in a human being, to “empower him/her to perform the tasks”. A ‘quality’ education aims to fulfill that requirement. tweet


Empowered Youth

Painting by Marie Bouldingue

‘Awareness’ is Education

Awareness of opportunities, awareness of how to grab those opportunities, awareness of the ‘requirement of critical thinking’ to make a decision about educational needs, awareness of a world that exists outside classrooms, awareness of various events happening in every other State in the country, awareness of economic scenario of a nation, and awareness of one’s own interests and deep-rooted desires. tweet


Enlightening Awareness

Digital Art by Anuradha Mandapaka

‘Agent of Hope’ is Education

A quality education provides skill-sets to solve challenging problems of daily life, and thereby, such an education becomes an agent of hope. Hope that those educated people are confident enough to solve problems. Hope that those educated people will educate other people. Hope that those educated people will be able to find out inspiring sources of earning money. Hope that those educated people will have the knowledge of all available resources and opportunities of employment. Hope that those educated people will be confident speakers and create a long-lasting impact in the society at large. Hope that those educated people will embrace challenges and will leave no stone unturned to achieve their goals. Hope that those educated people will create a better world for themselves and for others. tweet


A Hopeful World

Photography by Mysecret Gardenmdp

‘Eye-Opening Experience’ is Education

An experience that opens one’s eyes to realize that a “degree” does not mean the end of the world. An experience that enriches a young mind and helps it understand mind-sets of various people. An experience that opens doors to a bright future. An experience that promotes peace and a sense of restfulness. tweet



Photography by Vidarshana Rathnayake

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