Why Education Is An ‘Issue’

Education is the reason that will hold his smile in the future. He will learn the ways to hold that smile by virtue of the quality of education he receives in the present.


Education matters

Education Matters

Photography by Arul Balaji

Children are willing to put in sincere efforts and withstand daily drill to reach an educational institution that must ensure good quality of education being imparted to those children.


No hurdle for education

Photography by Bikram Khalkho

Education is the most important food for a soul that takes birth in the world.


Education Is Important

Photography by Dharav Patel

Education is a collective dream of a Nation. A dream that takes shape with the nurturing of many minds put together.


A Collective Dream

Photography by Ghania Siddiqui

Education might appear to be a birthright to many. It is a splendid vision to some.


Education: A Vision

Photography by Amar Parikh

He connects his education with his hope for a bright future. Education gives him a meaning for all the colours he imagines for his life ahead.


Connecting Education

Photography by Yusuf Shahriar

Education is in hiding his fears from the unknown forces of the society. A quality education will elevate him from fear to freedom.


Childhood Educational Fear

Photography by Ayan Mazumder

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