How To Earn An Employable Education

Get Online and Gain A Lot Of Knowledge

It takes approximately ten rupees per hour, for net-surfing in India. As college students, if you spend even an hour, in a week, on the internet and focus on gathering knowledge about job opportunities, inspiring stories about entrepreneurs, and subscribe to FREE online courses to improve your skills in any area of your interest, you actually propel yourself towards a life of your dreams. An employable education requires one to have a lot of knowledge in various domains. tweet

Remember: Knowledge is Power! tweet


Knowledge Is Powerful

Photography by Krrutiika Joshi

Interact With As Many People As Possible

Even if you are an introvert, you can always talk to people on Chat rooms! Chat rooms help you communicate better with strangers. An employable education requires the skill to communicate with different kind of people with various cultural backgrounds. tweet

Remember: Every chance of conversation with a stranger is an opportunity for you to learn something! tweet



Painting by Advait Singh

Participate in As Many “Events” , As Possible

“Events” are real-life engagements that make you a wiser person. An employable education requires that you can nurture your creative thinking, and make sound decisions. tweet

Remember: Participating in “Events” will improve your creative-thinking & decision-making abilities!  tweet



Painting by Varga Silvia

Become A Regular Contributor In A Society Of Your Choice

What are your hobbies? Listening to songs / Reading / Writing / Sitting Alone and Thinking / Sleeping / etc. ? While “sitting alone and thinking” or “Sleeping” leaves you with fewer hours of “active contribution”, you can still look for any society where you can actively contribute on a regular basis. An employable education requires you to be a team-player with substantial contribution abilities. You can hone that skill by doing what you *love* doing. tweet

Remember: Contribution in any form helps you express your potential, and thereby strengthens your position to find a job! tweet



Animation by Ainesh Mujoo

Read Books

Even if you do not like to read at all, you surely read text-messages, and emails, and you surely reply to text messages and emails. So, it is not that you don’t like to read at all; it is just that you like to read what is written in text-messages and emails. So, if you can make your replies more “informative” and “creative”, you will enjoy it even more. tweet

Remember: Reading books improves your knowledge and enhances your creative prowess! tweet


Express Your Potential

Painting by Sikha Ks


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