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Despite their prehistoric look, and agitated attitude, dragonflies make an interesting subject for amateur and seasoned photographers. Reason being, these insects who took to the air long before dinosaurs rocked the earth, are quite photogenic, and often end up in memorable shoots. Fine sitting posture, bright contrasting colours, size add to their standout features. But photographing a dragonfly is a challenge that you learn with time. These insects are intolerant to unpredictable movements, get easily scared, and never take a sitting unless convinced of a favourable environment. Today we cover some tips to shot dragonflies with your camera. Must read if you are a newbie! If you are a professional photographer in love with dragonfly, we expect your comment and suggestions. Happy reading!

Learn where they gather



Dragonflies gather near freshwater sources, such as lakes, A simple search could reward you with their sighting. Watch your steps while approaching them. Move slowly and don’t become overly experimental. If it’s too far to approach, find out other ones. Dragonflies are available in a great variety of colour and design. If you have curious eyes, they will not escape you

Schedule your dragonfly photography on a sunny day

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Dragonflies are most active on sunny days. So schedule your shooting arrangements when the sun is too bright. On cloudy days, their sighting may be rare, but you could approach them easily since it becomes hard for them to quickly fly without the heat of the sun. A partly cloudy day is an affordable choice to get them on lens.

Act Slowly – Make no movement. If you did (which scared it to fly, wait)

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You need be patient to photograph dragonflies. Make a movement and expect them to fly away, but wait, if you are patient and can hold on where you are, they could return to their perching place. Still, to avoid wasting time on waiting about uncertainly, it is important you get the click at first sighting. To do that, approach the fly slowly, and settle on a preferred place and don’t scare it!

Settle on angles

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Why be happy by clicking a dragonfly from a specific angle when it can be clicked from different other angles that give you several other options to discover, explore and understand it. Dragonflies, like other insects, make quite an interesting subject to analyze in pictures when clicked from dissimilar angles

Other tips

Choose a nice contrasting background

Use a fast shutter speed

Avoid shadowing them

More dragonfly pictures from Touchtalent users


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