Ganesha: The Cutest Indian God


Cute Friend Ganesha

Crafts by Saksham Bhatnagar tweet

Lord Ganesha is the first of all Lords whose worshipping begins the worshipping of rest of the Lords, throughout the year, in India. Lord Ganesha is also considered a friend, and is adored with much pampering and enthusiasm.


Dancing Ganesha

Painting by Lavanya Venkatesh tweet

Lord Ganesha is the only God who is adored in a personalized manner by all Indians, in their own best ways of love and respect. They love to adore Ganesha in His various forms of artistic expressions. “Dance” is one of them.


Charismatic Ganesha

Painting by Manish Vishwakarma tweet

Lord Ganesha is believed to have removed worries of the people with His charm and charisma. And so, people love to worship Him as a charismatic Lord of empathy.


Ganesha in Sculpture

Sclupting by Shivanand Bekal tweet

Sculpting is a rare Art and one of the most difficult one to make. It is the love for the cutest Lord that Artistes continue to make sculptures of Lord Ganesha. is indeed doing a fabulous job by giving the Art and Artistes the marketplace and a space of appreciation that they truly deserve.


Musical Ganesha

Painting by Hutansh Artist tweet

Lord Ganesha is also considered to be very creative, and is often worshipped in His musical avatar. In this painting for example, He is seen to be playing the “Veena”, an Indian Classical Musical (stringed) instrument.


Ganesha In a Fine Sculpture

Sculpting by Ganesh Bhav. tweet

It is rare to see such creativity in sculpting. Lord Ganesha in a musical-instrumentation sculpture looks stunning!


Ganesha in ‘Madhubani’ Art

Painting by  Ankita Sinha tweet

‘Madhubani’ painting is another pure Art form pursued by skilled Artistes in India. It’s very inspiring to see Lord Ganesha in ‘Madhubani’ painting.


Ganesha In A Temple

Photography by Dwijendra Lal Chowdhury tweet

Lord Ganesha is being ceremoniously worshipped in temples, across all cities in India. And in temples, the devotees adorn Ganesha with jewellery of their choices, and offer Him with delicious sweets.


Shree Ganesha

Painting by Ajay Ku tweet

Artistes love to paint Lord Ganesha with the best of their imaginative talent. In one such painting, Shree Ganesha looks grand and is seen to be blessing the entire world for joy, peace, and prosperity.


Ganesha in Quilling Art

Crafts by Vijaya Aduri tweet

It is heart-warming to see a young Artiste to have created Lord Ganesha in ‘Quilling’ art. Quilling or “paper filigree” is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs.


Ganesha Visarjan

Painting by Pragya Piparsania tweet

After the ceremonious celebration of Ganesha Chaturthi gets over, Ganesha says goodbye, and with a heavy heart, we wait for His come-back in the next year, once again.


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