Creative Potential: An Innate Truth

How many of us dismiss the existence of any ‘creative potential’ in us? A lot of us. Many of us often say that we are not ‘creative’ people. The truth is: Every individual is born with a creative potential, as Research says that a part of the human brain entirely operates to harness the creative energy of an individual. So, all of us have some creative potential in us, in the truest sense of the term. tweet


Creative Part of Brain

Painting by Battista Brevigliero

However, when we dismiss the truth, we generally come from failed attempts, or no attempts at all, to “nurture” our creative potential. As a result, we continue to live with a dis-belief that we are devoid of the potential. Because, another truth is: We can be *aware of* something when we give ourselves a chance to *nurture* it. tweet



Painting by Paula Baker

An amazing aspect of creativity is: We can apply it any sphere of life that we live. In schools, colleges, at home, in universities, in our workplace offices, in our relationships, and, in the education fields that we choose for ourselves. Creative potential is a natural talent in every one of us; all that is required is “expression of that talent”. tweet


Creativity in Relationship

Painting by Rekha Singh

With the onslaught of private player participation in the education sector in India, it is now possible to pursue a career solely focused into a creative talent that we are passionate about. One has to acknowledge the contribution of the Indian Institute of Cartoonists in India, which supports and promotes aspiring cartoonists to pursue professional dreams in the field. The time is NOW that we dream big to nurture our creative potential, and make it big! tweet


Golden Hour

Photography by Jun Flores

For someone who loves Music, India is one of the best countries to experiment and evolve as a better musician. The diverse cultural ethos of India provide aspiring musicians the correct blend of musical sense and an experimental mind to explore possibilities of music production. tweet


Diversity & Evolution

Photography by Bernadette Jumpalad

It is heartening to know that Indian Government is now partnering with private players to provide the commercial advantage to Artisans so that they can make business sense out of their creative prowess. For example, Ministry of Textile and have partnered to provide online marketing opportunities to Indian weavers, to boost sales. Such collaborative measures create an enterprising culture that promotes art and help artistes in monetizing their art. tweet


Convergence & Collaboration

Painting by Battista Brevigliero

With such a positive backdrop of the creative scenario in India, it is very encouraging to embrace all forms of Art, Music, and Cultural diversity in our educational models, so that we not only empower ourselves to live a fuller life, but also nurture an entrepreneural culture in the economy. Because, if we can dream it, we can achieve it! tweet


Imagination Is Everything

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