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And its the time for even semester exams.! Vivas, Projects, Presentations, definitions, explanations and lot many things in just 2-3 weeks. So, how does exams affect our lives , our friendships and our relationships. The way we converse  with our friends and ourselves (self-talk) becomes quite funny and sarcastic sometimes. Don’t believe me? Check your chats!  Rather, check them here.

# One Day Before The Exam/Viva tweet

P.S. : Knowing our friend’s status motivates us like anything!

Conversation - One day before the Exam/Viva

#During The Viva tweet

Remember that lab assistant and that external invigilator in the electrical science lab.

Sir Kirchoff, you gave your law after so many tried and tested experiments but we engineers designed various versions of it while giving the viva and writing the exam . :-D

Viva Time

#Self Talk  #Best Friends (Forever-Exams) tweet

Dear Friend, marks don’t matter much. Let me Study Now!

Self Talk

#Lawyer in Demand

I wonder what would a lawyer reply if his girl shoots him with this question!

I wish I could Speak the Truth

 #Home Calling

Exams Over and The first thing to do is to pack your bags, board the train and reach home.

Tip : Demand as much you can in first 2-3 days. After that, you will be in demand for each and every work.!!

From Hostel To Home

#Seriously tweet


This amazing collection of conversations is by  Alok Sharma From Delhi, India. 


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