Come! Lets Dance The Night Away!!

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Dance like no one’s watching! I don’t know about you but there’s nothing as wonderful and liberating as dancing. There’s this sense of freedom you get from the whole experience and not to mention all that energy flowing through your body.



Apparently frequent dancing makes us smarter! Boy, I did not know that!



Rock paintings of dancing figures suggest that dance has been with us for at least 9,000 years.


Dancing produces all those feel good hormones in your body which lifts your spirits and keeps you fit and energetic. And definitely the best kind of exercise you can find anywhere. Dancing prevents diseases as well.

Certain studies also show that dancing and following the rhythm of the music helps your brain to be more focused, improves concentration and helps your mental strength. And dancers are known to be disciplined, focused and high achievers who tend to be successful students and hard workers.



Here’s a fun fact when Gene Kelly filmed the famous dance sequence from ‘Singin’ in the Rain’,he was actually singing in milk!

It’s like when I’m taking a dance class, I just feel so able, like my body can do anything; like I’m Wonder Woman or something.


Dancing is a form of stress reliever and stress buster, to me at any point of time if  I am too stressed out and need a stress relief all I have to do is dance and everything is alright again. So if at any point of time in your life you feel low, lonely or depressed just play some of your favorite tunes and jump around and I promise you, you will feel better again. Dancers also tend to find it addictive as well.


So here’s to all those who love dancing and just having a good time, no matter what!

I hope you dance!!

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