Chocolate: Love it? Share it

All of us have tasted one and many varieties of chocolates in several delicacies ever-since our childhood times. While the small chocolate candies were most probably the first of many chocolates that we savoured, the palm-length chocolate bars, chocolate cakes and chocolate ice-creams are just too mouth-watering to mention. So here are a series of pictures from for all chocolate-lovers to relish and be inspired!



Photography by Manas Banerjee

Taste of a chocolate, and sometimes specific flavours remind us of memories etched in our memories. Moments of joy when all that we shared was simple happiness and a shared love for chocolate. Birthdays, especially, bring a new memory, every passing year, and a birthday cake comes as a grand symbol of celebration!


Birthday Chocolate Cake

Photography by Abdul Hannan Akram

On other occasions of celebrations, a combination of chocolate in its various forms such as melted chocolate, chocolate with cream, hot chocolate sauce and others, serve a great deal of customized offerings!


Chocolate Lave Cake

Digital Art by Abeer Art Work

When it comes to gift our loved ones a token of appreciation or celebrated spirit, chocolate becomes the ‘must have’ item in our gift packs. A chocolate “completes” a gift-pack as it appeals to every heart, without a doubt!


Chocolate Gift

3D Art by Wilson Pascual Jr.

Even for most of our professional lives that revolve round the clock 365 days in a year, chocolate gifts come as all-time favourites for most. Chocolate gifts add a joyful flavour and add excitement to the office environment brimming with energy. And more importantly, size-able amount of chocolate offerings suffice for all big teams!


Big-size Chocolate

Photography by Aashish Birmiwala

And then, those moments of ‘chocolate cravings’! Chocolate truffle provides the best munching time for all chocolate lovers. The crispy and chocolaty little pieces of candy-like big nuts are hot favourites to quench our cravings!


Chocolate Truffle

Photography by Shalini Purohit Bhattacharjee

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