Let the Talent create its own destiny.

This Children’s Day Gift these Young Creators the Freedom to Create!!

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Children’s Day it is!! . Childhood- The most amazing portion of any human’s existence. And Hence, we wish a very Happy Children’s day to all the children out there and also to all the grown ups who cherish the child within them.

Think When You were a kid, everything was possible.  You put the blanket over your back and then you became a SUPERMAN.  You took your mom’s  broom, and then you became a WITCH.  You climb up the tree,  not knowing that you might fall, And you simply Made It.  As a child, you were creative and you had a strong belief in your Ideas. tweet

Rightly said by Pablo Picasso :

 “Every Child is an artist. The Problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”  tweet

Happy Children's Day

“Give those tiny hands a Chalk to draw and see how beautifully they color our world.!” tweet

A child sees this world through his eyes of innocence. There is nothing like jealousy or  dishonesty. Hence, when they write, they not only use their pen and paper but also their innocent heart.

“A child’s emotions are the truest and purest. Give them the power to purify the World with their honest emotions.” tweet

Young Creators

It takes practice to learn an art- may be 2 years, 3 years or even more. But it takes lifetime to imagine and create like a child.

“Let the Young Creators explore the Universe and Win the World.” tweet

They have wings, just let them fly.

As we grow, we learn. But we learn to use what is being taught and not what we were born with- The Creativity.

“A child needs guidance and motivation. And they will create something which was unthinkable.” tweet

Let the Children create their own destiny.

If you know a child, whose  passion is to create and who is an artist by heart. Then, don’t let the artist die. Motivate them to show their creativity to the world. And we promise to provide them with the best outreach. Participate in the exhibition with your artworks, tag them with #YoungCreators.

Let them Work for their Passion, not Pension.!! tweet


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