Heart inside a heart

Chalk Art Works:You won’t throw the chalk after seeing these!!

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“In our life there is a single color, as on an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love.” -Marc Chagall tweet

What is required is the love for your work and you will be the Rock star at it!! For an artist, even a garbage is worth millions because he can create the magic out of it.

This post is dedicated to the unique art style of Mr Anurag Reddy, from the City of Nizams, Hyderabad. For me and to almost everybody, chalk was used for purposes like writing on the blackboard, throwing on the back of the friends and yes, for few it is an eatable also :D

Chalk which is a form of Limestone, composed of the mineral calcite, chemically known as Calcium Carbonate has got a new definition by this artist.

Let’s have a visit to his world of chalk sculptures.

Smiley :)

Chalk smiley

Smile Please

For The Band lovers out there, the drum kit is here.  It’s not only what you create but the way you present it, makes  the magic happen.

Drum Kit

 The new design of the bulb has been created :-P .! Courtesy : Mr. Anurag.

Chalk Bulbs

 For those who feel love, live for their love and want to gift something to their love, this is an amazing work.! <3

Heart inside a heart

 No matter how delicate the bonds of relationships are, the faith makes it unbreakable.  No wonder few of the chalk artworks are really easy to create once you have practiced it for long but making this would have been a tough job.


Motherhood :)

Mother holding a child

 The collage of the collection!

The entrance gate of the Loyola Academy is here and without any doubt its a wow. From hearts in hearts to the ear plugs, from chain to key-chain, from car to boat, from tree to chair, from geometry box equipment to the shoes, from the hour glass to the cricket world cup, the sculptures are worth more than a word of appreciation.

For more of his works, click here .

Collage of the Art Works

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