Celebrating Halloween ? Check out the IndiaN Style !!

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It’s Halloween

Let’s check out the Indian way of celebrating Halloween . (P.S. Occasion is needed, rest everything is managed here. Its all about fun and humor.)

 The Halloween Saint

“Halloween is The Day dedicated to remember the dead.!! The saint thinks of celebrating the Halloween by calling all the spirits and then celebrating it with them. Happy spirited Halloween.

Halloween- Saint Style


Indian Daughter- Halloween

 What does a designer think of ?? Gowns look classy but the Indian Suit looks the best. What if I design the Halloween collection? And then there is, The designer collection of Indian suits with the accessories (the broom) . Check out this stunning and scary witch.

Halloween Collection

If Indian suit is there? How can saree  not be  there? But is it to celebrate to remember the dead or to horrify and cause them to die?

Mummy Or MUMMY???

I do not wish to outrun the MUMMY. I just want to Outrun You!!

Mummy or MUMMY?

 The Headless horseman is a Nightmare! 

So what, My Desi is more than enough to energize my body to see the head in headless!!

My Desi!! My Courage Source!!

 The Sardar Dracula

Balle – balle subsituted by  Devilish moves. The cute Sardar has become a Dracula!  Normally we see them without the halloween also, (Remember the result declaration day and expressions of your father) Don’t Remember that

Dracula Singh

 Artwork by : Mr. Ankur Chaudhary 

Celebrate the Hallowe’en, Indian way!!

Trick or Treat !! Go Scary !!

Happy Hallowe’en!

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