Breaking Bad and the Cycle of Interpretation

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We all love watching our favorite TV shows and discussing them with our friends. Some go one step further and express their reactions through art, most commonly in fan-made pictures. Breaking Bad, the Emmy-Award-winning story of a cancer patient’s transformation into a drug king-pin, is no different.


These pictures are particularly interesting as they vary in creativity and perspective. Some pictures are the artist’s interpretation of a single frame in the show, or of an official promotional shot:


Other pictures reveal entirely new portrayals of the characters:




The beauty of this small strand of art is the way in which is derived from another strand of art: television. The same can be said for film-inspired art and fan-fiction. On a more fundamental level, one could say that the majority of human art is motivated by the natural art forms present in our surrounding environment. This continual cycle of interpretation and reinterpretation speaks volumes about humanity’s endless creativity and its ability to inspire and be inspired.

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