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Beyond the World Cup

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We all have predictions about the World Cup finale this Sunday. Some of us have sentimental expectations from our favorite players (this I gather from emotional Facebook statuses that only seem like the caps lock key gone wrong, ie, “MESSIIIIIIIIII”). Some of us just want to pick sides, you know, in case there are drinking games involved (it’s a Sunday, so I can’t be wrong about this).

There are a few artists from Argentina and Germany however, who dare to think beyond the World Cup.


Ri Creo from Villa Maria, Argentina is a sketch artist who merges charcoal monochromes with surreal concepts.


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Guillermo Kreiger is a digital artist from Posadas, Argentina, deeply besotted with fantasy artwork. If a Utopian world with dragons and an alternate reality is your thing, Kreiger’s works is sure to catch your attention.



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Adrian Palmas from Codroba, Argentina uses his artwork to make a snide commentary on most things that Gen y (?) is doing wrong: a man snorting cocaine while his brain explodes, another man watching a recycle sign through a telescope while standing on a pile of garbage and so on

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Mladen Pidžo Ranković from Nunberg, Germany calls himself a musical artist with kitschy artwork containing mostly pop-art images of musical instruments and famous musician.


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Isabel Schmiedel from Hattingen, Germany uses “explosive positivity and calming colors” to make a transition to kaleidoscopic, mind-boggling images.


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Theo Danella lives in Germany and is a little obsessed with Marilyn Monroe. No-one’s complaining.


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Which creative side do you pick?

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