The Best Camera In World Is The One In Your Hand.

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NO matter what camera you got all you have to do is to make best use of it.I like doing photography here you can capture a moment in your life and communicate without saying a word. When I was a child I used to see my father taking photographs of everything which seems good to him. and its in my blood I guess…:)

I take pictures with every camera I get  my hands on and believe me you don’t need to have a good DSLR all the time. All you need to have is your imagination and how you look at things.

Think of different creative ideas and keep on practice. I have mostly used my iPod’s , Mobile and digital cameras like old Yashika , Sony cyber shot etc and make some serious pictures with them.

Samsung Camera

THIS image is taken with an ordinary and old digital camera.

Just to tell you that the best camera is the one you have in your hand . Make the best out of it by practicing and trying new and different thing.



There is a saying “Portrait is the window to soul

Dil-to-bacha-ha-ji-205979 Camera

Dil-to-bacha-ha-jee-205976 Camera

 Portraits of a child expressing his cuteness.

   By following some basic rules (mentioned below) I managed to get these self portraits out of a mobile camera (Samsung S3).

My-Dirty-lil-secret..shh-187839 Self Potrait


I have learned 3 basic rules in so many years.

  1. Make the best use of your camera you got.
  2. Make the best use of lights . (try doing experiments with lights)
  3. Try to capture your imagination in picture.


Photography always inspired me and gave me a peace of mind . I captured everything which seems good to my heart

Here are some shots of nature.These pictures are taken from a very old canon 6mp broken digital camera. Its just the way you take pictures and the way you use your camera, you can take a good shot.

Mothers-love-can-be-found-everywhere-85034 Canon Digital Camera

Garden-caretaker-85033 Canon Digital Camera

morning-dew-85031 Canon Digital Camera

Struck-By-The-Lightning-51494 Canon Digital Camera


Practice makes a man perfect” Practice is the key element that lead me to take some good pictures out of ordinary cameras. I feel great to have photography as my hobby. I am a student and doing software engineering but I got this positive thing to do as well all the time with any camera I got at the perfect time.

Playing with marbles and lights.

Playing-with-Marbles-174715 Light Camera Marbles

Playing-with-Marbles-174717 Light Camera Marbles

Thunder....by-FHM-51496 Light Camera Marbles if-someone-can-believe-2452

Photography is one of the best things to do and is as beautiful as a person can think., by practicing i am getting better at it day by day.

My name is Faisal Hassan , I’m form Lahore, Pakistan and felt great to share my experience with all of you.

You can check out my work at . http://www.touchtalent.com/artist/72/faisal-hassan

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