Artworks You Won’t Believe Were Done on MS Paint

Tools minimize artists’ efforts, but don’t guarantee artistic accuracy! It is idea and dedication that matter the most. tweet

Art would probably be many thousands-years-old today, but basic ingredients of a great artwork still remain the same. An artwork doesn’t necessarily require advanced tools. All it requires are idea and dedication. That’s it! If you doubt, find below some awesome paintings made using a minimalistic tool – MS Paint.

Blue Hoodie by Portia Razo of Philippines : A superb use of timely mouse strokes and balanced colours to create a seemingly simple yet powerful painting tweet

MS Paint Images, Paint in Ms Paint tweet


Here comes  Spider man from Owen Magtibay of Philippines!  Owen is a super hero fan and loves transforming row ideas into great design elements.  spiderman ms paint tweet


Manju Chaudhuri from Qatar does a very thoughtful MS Paint of floating leaves separated by colours, size and movements. ms paint tweet


Sweeny Dias from India maintains a very impressive portfolio of MS Paintings. The artwork on Mahatma Gandhi – a classic effort! Ms Paint, Gandhi tweet


Sweeny Dias‘s Monalisa. Don’t search for perfection in the image. No one has ever been able to recreate the charm of original Monalisa. But the effort invested in the painting deserve a kudos not just because it is an MS Paint make, but even because it is not bad. We are still undecided about her smile. my-version-of-mona-lisa-painting-in-ms-paint--8105   Need to view other MS Paint paintings on Touchtalent? Click Here for a portfolio of freshly updated paintings. If you have something to share, upload today! tweet

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