An Artist Pictures Different Stages of a Blown Out Candle. He Literally Discovers Creatures in Them

We often blow out candle – at a birthday party, when power supply returns in a dark room, after a ritual is done and etc., but why does it happen? Science says Fire requires 3 factors to burn: Oxygen, Heat and Fuel. Break their relationship and it would put out the fire. But, artists are not keenly interested in why does it happen. Rather, they are happy to learn what after it happens. Touchtalent artists Rizwan Ashraf frames different moments after a candle is blown out. It was an amazing representation of time – perfectly pictured in strategic intervals. What is even interesting about his collection of a blown out candle is how he defines the shapes of an extinguished flame when it comes in contact with air. Read on! 

Jelly Fish


Jelly Fish

Jelly-Fish-293557 (1)









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