Art As Meditation

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A lot has been written about how meditation can help your artistic juices flowing and help create. Meditation is a state where the mind is calm. You may question how does one create then? Our subconscious is always working; ideas that you generate in day to day experiences while reading, walking, working, talking, observing or sitting quietly; and this activity is there even in a calm state of mind. These external references give a perspective but they also bind you. To create you have to shed your egocentricity and adherence to different forms of art. Art forms will restrict your creativity. You don’t have to get approval and appreciation but seek bliss. I have not used the word satisfaction because it is inadequate.

When you create for creation sake – paint just to paint, write just to write and so on – that is when you are really creating.

Before initiating any work ( in my case painting), if you just stare into space (in my case the canvas or the object I am going to paint on -a box, a bottle, a wooden piece, silk cloth etc.), you are aware, your subconscious is at work. You are not idling but on a creative thresh hold. From here you can walk into a zone from where you take a great creative leap. Great calm descends upon you while your mind and hands are working. You are in a spiritual state.

Thus it is art that creates a meditative state.

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