Appreciating Portraits


Painting by Joy Chatterjee tweet

Joy Chatterjee has a unique style of painting the portraits he picks as his subjects. He is exceptionally particular about portraying the exact personality that is reflected on a face, especially, of someone who had left behind a legacy behind her for the world to learn from. I immensely appreciate the efforts he puts in to paint the eyes and the surrounding areas, as he perfectly brings out the emotion out of them, be it with the water inside the eyes or be it with the detailing of every fold of the muscle around the eyes. His sense of light and shade is impeccable as he keeps focused into the direction of the incoming light and the corresponding shade(s) on the subject. tweet

Color Pencil Portrait

Sketching by Mazher Ali tweet

A portrait done by sketching with color pencil requires an excellent skill of angled strokes of pencil. Mazher Ali seems to have mastered the skill to sketch such portraits. His extra-ordinary talent of mixing colors to bring out the true essence of every fold in the skin and in the clothes of this portrait truly creates an artwork that reflects finesse. While it is very difficult to sketch a portrait with front-light view, Mazher Ali makes sure he keeps perfect balance of color for every depth and pencil-stroke angle for every surface. tweet


Painting by Rajesh Kamble tweet

Rajesh Kamble has beautifully painted the portraits with one prime portrait in a frame of many portraits that reflect various moods of the same personality. His brilliant sense of proportion, height and depth of all light and shades, and his presentation of the frame are highlights of this painting. tweet

A Portrait So Alive

Painting by Joy Chatterjee tweet

A portrait painted with oil on canvas comes as alive as it looks. This portrait is another piece of mesmerising art that inspires us to pause and reflect. This portrait is as gripping and liberating at the same time. Every strand of hair beautifully painted gives a depth of new dimension to the portrait, and Joy Chatterjee, with his panache for painting such engaging eyes inspires us to feel a glimpse of the vision that the subject of the portrait is envisioning. tweet

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