What when animals take control of the human world. An Artist Tries To Paint That Idea into Amazing Artworks

What if animals replace the human habitat? What if they take control of our activities while we take refugee into the dense forests? What if they re imagined a new system of livelihood?  The idea seems logical somehow because being human we have achieved more hatred, violence, pollution, and crimes than all the development efforts combined.  Giving animals a try is therefore not a bad deal. An artist from Bangladesh tries to paint that idea. Watch such spectacular representation of animal world (perhaps) first time on the Internet.

A busy street on just another normal day. No competition or fear of opposite opponents. Everyone’s busy at work


Riding rickshaws on a village – Tiger is not chasing the deer. It’s just friendly professional race


Inside a work station. Whoever is good whatever is busy in it. A helping, undisturbed work environment

Not at jungle anymore. So, they get to get things sorted for daily living. Hope the more they get accustomed to human world, less they get habituated to its evil sides


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