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Android App Launch by Touchtalent For People To Stay Creative!

New Delhi, November 2014: Touchtalent has launched a new Android application in their product portfolio to revolutionise creative content sharing and consumption. This application is meant for creative side of every individual, be it creation or appreciation. Touchtalent believes that every one is creative, they just need a little support and they are working to provide it.

This application belongs to the genre of free lifestyle applications and helps users to SECURELY SHOWCASE their creative side to a global audience on an easy to interact Android platform. Touchtalent app is a door in everyone’s life which gives them a way to explore their creative side. The app delivers fresh creative works from other users from all over the world every time a user opens it. It provides many features to consume these original works as well. For example, users can use these original works as their mobile wallpapers.

Apart from Showcasing and Consuming, the app provides other activities –

  • Networking with creative people in 192 countries
  • Saving a good work for later reference
  • Appreciating and commenting other’s works
  • Sharing with friends
  • Portfolio creation
  • Connecting with other users via messages

Some interesting facts about the app –

  • Close to 1 Million downloads
  • On an avg. every user opens the app 5 times in a day
  • 75% users rated this app 4 and above on a scale of 5

Perhaps the best feature of this application is that even if you consider yourself as not creative, you’ll change that opinion after seeing so many users who started their creative journey on Touchtalent website and their progress. Touchtalent app is present at Google Play Store and is perhaps the best creative platform for everyone to stay creative.

For Android:

Touchtalent – Stay Creative Download Link –



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