If Aliens Exist Then This Is How They Might Look

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An alien is an unfamiliar being from another world. Aliens exist in our thoughts and it’s totally up to us to decide how they will look. We have never really seen anything like the aliens in our lives before they are essentially a concept in our minds. An artist making a sketch of the aliens stretches his imagination beyond the defined limits for creating a surreal creature. It’s remarkable to witness the artist expressing these beings shaped in their minds through the art medium.


The wise strange being  – Bd Alien by Nazmul Hoque

The one eyed curious one  -Weird Alien by Sasha Krieger Ristic


He’s tough made of all bones – Skelealien by James Fell

Fusion of a tribe with alien-Tribal Alien Character Design by  Raviteja Narla

The terrifying ferocious right out of your nightmare- Alien by Nestor Tantiado

They are in large numbers- Aliens. // Ink & Watercolor by Pablo Avila


He’s young he’s cool- Higher Alien Education by Tera Fournier

They are inside your mind – Alien On My Head by Pema Wangyel

These are cute, scared and harmless- Aliens by Tanja Henn

The tiny one defying gravity – Jumping Alien by Rizwan Ashraf

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