About virtual reaction gestures on Touchtalent

Learn about the gestures you choose to react on artwork

Reacting on an artwork is the way of telling you have a view to share and want to join in the discussion – either as a critic or fan. We always encourage our viewers to leave their reactions. This helps an artist receive innate suggestions, and inspirations to make their work better while it helps joiners connect with fellow critics and fans, besides giving a chance to publicize their expertise or views. To make an artwork engaged, we have added a few reaction gestures icons available at the right side, beside artwork.

This is how they look


A brief break-down on their meaning


Comment – let the artist know your feelings on the art. Constructive comments always encourage an artist to improve his/her skill to better cater to the demanding eyes of visitor/s.


A simple gesture to acknowledge you liked the work or telling the author “you’ve done well”


An interesting gesture to express the work is amazing, wonderful, cool. Or your telling the artist “That’s really great”.


Perhaps the widely used icon to denote you really acknowledge the time, effort and skill invested in making the work live and that it touched you.


 A gesture of respect, polite recognition and acknowledging the author.


 The final gesture of expression. Detones admiration for someone’s achievement or contribution

Don’t the gestures more or less mean the same thing?

They do. The gestures ultimately hint positive reaction. but having a set of relative reaction gestures encourage engaged discussion and lets a user accurately share the innate views.

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