A beginner’s guide to winning editors

A beginner’s guide to winning editors

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Editors despite they are experts, breathe life into dull objects, make interesting ideas play, and enjoy having an eye-to-details for earning perfection to their mentoring, are infamous among new comers because of their attitude. Quite often, you would hear newcomers complaining about their editors on common and uncommon fronts. They don’t listen, they seem overly occupied, they just don’t like me, we don’t make a nice company etc., While the level of anxiety of reason and criticism is individual-dependent, blaming editors for a work rejection can be taken down to a convincing extent, if a beginner stops complaining and before turning out to be a complaint-raiser works to fix things first by winning the editor’s confidence.

Don’t be overly creative with your first entry: Creativity is a fail-and-succeed process that no one can achieve without trying hard. So, it is natural to commit end number of silly mistakes or quite a few blunders on making your first photograph stand out. But becoming overly creative and not changing the attitude is something you can surely change. For example; if you are shooting still life, blending a mix of images that contradict each others’ existence is not creativity in the name of doing something new. It is experimentation gone wrong.

Don’t listen, listen to understand: New comers are often complex for editors to deal with because the former would listen to improvement ideas to listen, to listen only. That means a new comer attendee would make gestures that confirm s/he is understanding when an editor follow up with a previous discussion when in reality s/he is listening to the topic, not substance. So, it is important to have a flexible approach, and bear an eye to the details rather than joining a discussion.

Don’t stop asking question: If you are passionate about your artwork and monetize your skill, the only thing that can make you count is inquisitiveness. It is not a nice idea to be attentive to a discussion if you haven’t understood anything. So, ask questions!  Catching a picture, making it count and ensuring you understood its importance is crucial. Quite often new comers shy asking and in turn come up with unfocussed solutions that editors don’t understand.

While we cover the other set of important ideas to win an editor, please comment your ideas

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