9 Cutest Selfies with Birds & Animals. Which one is your favourite?

Selfies are a cult in the Animal Kingdom too!

It’s not just the homo sapiens who have this craving, but  the Animals and Birds too aspire to show off on their Instagram pages. We’ve collated some awesome selfies from the collection on Touchtalent. Check out for yourself what these cuties are saying.

 Hey! I am saying Hi. Wha..t? I can’t hear you back?

Selfies Puppy


Here I come for mine. It has to be awesome or I’ll kill you!

Selfies Duck


I am not making face. I’m just too funny

Selfies Funny Cat


No. I’m not unlucky. It’s just that my better half is shy.

Selfies Bird


I’m too tall. But I think it’s okay if you are gonna appreciate it!

Selfies Giraffe


See! Owls can too have awesome self photographs. I’ll change my fb picture now!

Selfies Owls


Don’t mind this picture. You know I don’t follow cults and I’m tired of the ‘S’ word. Why is there so much fuss about it. At the end of a day, it’s still just a picture.



How do you find me? Do I seem cool? I know, my little spike is supercool. I’m definitely gonna get the best girl in the party tonight.

Selfies Monkey


It is a wonderful day at the Jungle! Finally, I have got a perfect time and setting for some good clicking!

Selfies Koala



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