6 Artworks Made on a Typewriter!

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Celebrities carved out with letters!

Before you can proceed to have your jaws drop down, think of your relationship with your keyboard. It’s all lovely, and shiny when it first arrives, you type away, clak clak clak, banging your thoughts onto it’s gentle keys. It breaks on you often, some keys get stuck, and more or less, a keyboard plays no important role in your life. Right?

Well, let’s take Uday Mahadeo Tawalkar for example. The man has a world record in making visually apt sketches of celebrities using the letters of a typewriter. Master Blaster looks mighty happy!


Here’s a young (er) Amitabh Bachchan for you. This is his millennium superstar look! (For kicks, say the words “millennium superstar” really loudly in a Bachchan baritone. Ignore looks that people around you give.)


A grainy Leo Tolstoy says Hiiii.


I have a really funny Bill Gates joke for you.
If Bill Gates had a penny for every time I have to reboot my computer… Oh wait. He does.


Okay, can’t make a joke about the next one. All I’ll say is, Jai Maharashtra!


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