5 Artists From Nepal Who’ll Inspire You To Create Art!

Artists from Nepal create artworks that emanate simplicity, beauty, and the serene meaning of life in its several hues. I humbly request my friends from Nepal to share this blog post with all their friends, and encourage them to share their artworks such as painting, sketching, music, dance, crafts, poems and other creative artworks. In this post, I share with you the five artists from Nepal, who take us down memory lane, to look at the simple realities of life and work towards making this world better, healthier, and more harmonious.

Alyssha Kc: She is a fine artist of talent and grit. With the perfect strokes of her brush, she paints the simplicity of life in its best of expressions. Her artworks inspire us to see the beauty of the nature, and create artworks that appreciate the same with much gratitude and enthusiasm. tweet



Shweta Madhogaria: She is a self-taught artist who loves to experiment with colours, be it in her paintings, or photography, she loves to indulge in creative pursuits in various forms of expressions. tweet


Fine Drawing. Colours.

Asmith Rajbhandari: He is an artist who seeks to express the simplest pleasures of life in their best of moments. In his artworks, he constantly endeavours to bring out the true essence that inspires us to create some art, as well! tweet


Into The Dawn

Pujan Bhetwal: He is a fine artist who creates sketches and artworks with much love and a genuine passion to create an artwork that inspires others. He believes in the simplicity of human emotions and love to capture them in his creations. tweet



Laxman Shrestha-artist : He is one of the greatest artists from Nepal who not only creates art for his individual expression, but also, is passionately engaged in creating artworks on social pillars in order to raise awareness against societal menaces. He is a sensitive artist with a knack for modern-art and meaningful colours that highlight the Causes of concern. is grateful to be promoting such an artist and his art, and welcomes others to come forward too!! tweet


Art For A Cause_End Domestic Violence

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