10 Wedding Photography Tips That Every Professional Photographer Must Consider

Wedding Photography is one of the trickiest assignments for any professional photographer. Not only you need an eye for details, there are many other Dos and Don’ts that must be taken care of. On the occasion of World Photography Day, we bring for you some highly useful tips for shooting a wedding.

Different lenses for different occasions!

Sometimes it gets challenging for a photographer to get the bride and the groom to lighten up. In such a situation, instead of panicking, put on the 200mm lens and take few steps back. When you make a distance with the couple, you will realize they are getting relaxed and talking to each other. With this, they will get over their camera-shyness and that is when you need to get started.



Do you have enough memory for the entire wedding?

It is suggested to use advanced cameras that offer double card slots for shooting a wedding. It gets you the assurance that you have successfully captured the moment you wanted to. Moreover, never be over confident of the available memory, and always keep backup for memory cards.


Get used to working with natural lights

That is another challenge, photographers face when shooting a wedding. You will almost never get the perfect lights, so the quicker you learn to work with the natural lights, the better it would be for you.


Never forget to shoot the venue before the party

There is a reason why the couple chose that venue. That place will always hold a special place in their hearts. Reach the venue before the party gets started and click some nice shots.


Stay close to the couple

During the ceremony and the reception, stay close to the couple so that you can get the best shot of every part of the ceremony. You can conduct the ‘new couple’ shoot after the ceremony.


Never miss the cute unexpected moments

At all weddings, there are plentiful of cute moments that deserve to be captured. Capture all those moments and you will definitely earn some more appreciation from the couple and their families.


Capture the details

Everything that happens on a wedding is a memory forever, for the couple. They will always want to revisit those memories through the pictures. Capturing details like the wedding cake, bride’s dress, and many more will always be cherished, so do not miss out on those.


Capture the quality moments of the bride/groom with the siblings

Make sure you do not miss out of the quality moments the bride and the groom spend with their siblings, especially with the younger ones. These photographs will be applauded.


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