10 Extraordinary Artists From Malaysia Who Deserve A Kudos!

Updating on our series of Top 10 artists from around the world who are rocking at Touchtalent, today we are presenting artists from Malaysia. They are worth a kudos for their thoughtful presentation of art, creative visualization and impressive attention to minutest things. Read on, we’ll appreciate if you share your views in the comment section – for addition of any artist, or to share anything else!  For art needs admiration and artists inspiration!

Mystical Destiny – as she calls herself – is an ace artist at Touchtalent with an impressive list of followers. She maintains a portfolio of creatively-clicked photos. At Touchtalent to share her creativity, besides doing her bit to make the world a better place to live. 10% of any artwork purchased from her goes to charity to help children with special needs. An artist with a heart – defines Mystical Destiny! 


Jm Actionpnc is a self taught digital painting artist,  retired building and renovation contractor,  owner of costume and props rental business.  He loves art in any form – creative, funny, invoking – whatever! What turns him standalone is his passion to put his ideas into colours – simplistically! 


Ramlee Abu Bakar is a photographer with creative interest in clicking excellent pictures of nature, with birds being his centre of attraction.


Dahlia Yusoff is a photographer who love the outdoors. The artist maintains an awesome portfolio of some nicest pictures at Touchtalent


Lengsuwahang Phungma is a great artist whose portfolio is a quick tour to some of the cutest sketches at Touchtalent



Yazeed Kayoom is a painter who loves experimentation with subjects until a perfection is earned


Mahmud Yussop is an ecopreneur but artist at heart. The artist’s portfolio is a credible tour to interesting moments and journey into nature



Mohamed Anakayer has a special talent to identify row topics and personalize them with a taste of creativity



Sam Tastia, a wonderful artist at Touchtalent, in her own words  – I love drawing with my own style and my favourite anime Shingeki No Kyojin. My speciality is drawing with pen and pencil


Mauro Brooks, A wonderful artist, in own words – I am an artist and an art teacher. My art work is about capturing the moments and the feelings about my time on this planet


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