An Unlikely Artist Carves Well-Known Characters in Chalk. He Got Immediate Appreciation From Big B

Who carves the chalk is a different story altogether. We will talk about it later! Chalk carving is a very complicated task, and perhaps one of the most time-consuming , effort-seeking and sometimes a boring to-do’s for a carver.  To create fairly complex shapes and figurative structures, the carver needs to handle the chalk delicately until a creative finish is earned. A simple distraction could literally powder away the chalk – so attention to details, creative observation, calculative strokes, and patience are very very important to actually shape the chalk into an artistic masterpiece. A Touchtalent user tried his hands on chalk carvings. He used celebrities, well-known personalities and divine characters as his subjects. The result is truly commendable. Here we enlist some of his miniature chalk carvings. View, get inspired and do not forget compliment software engineer Sachin Sanghe. Oh, yes – The artist behind the chalk carving is not a professional artist. He’s a software engineer but at heart he’s an artist. He does carvings on pieces of chalk and pencil leads. And he coined his work as ‘CHALKruthi’. That’s Chalk + Akruthi (Shapes). 

Amitabh Bachchan


Mother Teresa


Baala Krishna






Indian National Emblem


Naatya Ganapati Carved On A CHALKPIECE


Hard work never gets unrecognized. See who appreciated Sachin

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