10 Artists From India You Must Know About

Artworks of artists from 192 countries are available on and here are the 10 best artists from India you must know about.

Dhaval Khatri: Dhaval Khatri is a professional painting artist, not by choice, but by chance. Once you see his paintings and with the dexterity he creates his paintings, you would once again start believing in miracles. He also performs on Live shows where he paints portraits in front of an audience. He is known for his extraordinary zeal and an innate talent, and is a rockstar in his own right! tweet


God of Cricket

Pubali Dutta: Pubali Dutta is one of the finest artists from India. She believes that art is not only a way of expression but it’s also a form of enlightenment and knowledge. Nature influences her the most and is her muse. tweet


The Woman

Chandra Budhiraju: Chandra Budhiraju is an artist with an eye for meaning and thought. His artworks have an inherent message that gives meaning to all of his creations. He has been employed with several organizations, yet, he is dedicated to pursue his passion for art and keeps creating artworks that inspire. tweet


Show Must Go On

Priya Thakkar: Priya Thakkar is one of the brightest and youngest artists from India. She believes that Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. It is a field where teaching never ends, and for her, it is a passion and true blessing! tweet



Sudip Mitra: Sudip Mitra is an artist par excellence! He is a self taught artist who loves the watercolors medium along with the challenges that it extends. He paints the colors of life and the colors that he visualises. He is dedicated to live a beautiful life by experimenting with his palette and brushes. tweet



Sayeeda Goriawala: Painting comes naturally to Sayeeda. She is a self taught artist and extremely in love with colors and nature. She yearns to bring her expressions on canvas and wants her paintings to be speaking to the observer. Born and brought up in Mumbai, as a child she wanted to paint whatever she would set her eyes on; bringing the sketch on her notepad gave her immense pleasure, happiness and satisfaction. Her talent and her dedication to nurture that talent are inspiring indeed! tweet



Sree Jith: Sree Jith is an engineering student who just started out with doing Portrait sketching, recently. His portraits done in pencil have the capacity to mesmerize a human soul. The originality that he brings out in his portraits is a rare talent unique to him. He is destined to be one of the greatest artists of India, and have a flourishing career ahead. Here’s wishing him great success and all the power! tweet



Joy Chatterjee: He may just be called the ‘Portrait Maestro’ of India! Joy Chatterjee, in his pursuit of perfection, carves out portraits with oil on canvas with such finesse, that makes one wonder about *talent*. If you look closely, his portraits seem to be speaking to you. With careful usage of brush, oil, and an enormous amount of patience, Joy Chatterjee is creating a meaningful impact in peoples’ lives, with his inspiring artworks! tweet


Portrain_Oil on Canvas

Chandresh Gandhi: Chandresh Gandhi is an engineer turned artist, who initially worked with water-colours for several years and is now doing digital artworks for a long time. His love for Art, and an innate zeal to pursue his talent make us believe in human potential. With his continuous struggle to create artworks, he continues to inspire the younger artists who aspire to nurture their love for art, amidst all odds and circumstances. tweet


Digital Art

Jasprit Saini: She is a fine artist with a vision. Jasprit Saini, loves to create art that takes us to a different realm of existence, and inspires us to believe in the life beyond a lifetime. There is a divine grace in her artworks, and here’s wishing her much happiness in all that she creates. tweet



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