10 Artists from US You Must Follow

Touchtalent is the home to hundreds of artists from the USA – each with a unique style and representation. So, it is literally impossible to compile list of ten artists who cut above the rest. Still we give the task a try and covered ten artists who are scoring well in terms of fan following, and no. of artworks uploaded.  Read on! Here is the list of 10 Artists from US you must follow.

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Stephen Roberts

Stephen is a self-taught artist, who sees a learning opportunity in each of his creation.  He is sought-after among his fans because of his selection of topics, creative use of interesting colours, and best of all his ability to turn a simple subject into a gripping artwork.


Gil Fong

Gil is an extraordinary artist at Touchtalent who maintains an awesome portfolio of creatively-done portraits. If you are an artist and need some refreshing ideas about how to sketch portraits in different settings and moods without colliding with the subject’s richness, Gil’s artworks are the eye openers!


Paula Baker

Paula is an artist with a difference! She paints to express, inspire, motivate! Her paintings are standalone for their creative representation, intelligent use of colours and balance of shades. She is a very loved and followed artist at Touchtalent. Reason being her ability to bring alive personality in her paintings.


Diane Buffington

Diane paints simple subjects, but she enjoys a super ability to understand a subject and grab a hold on her creations. She paints moments, gestures, nature, surrounding and everything else with a classy style – imparting excellence!


David Russell

David maintains an updated portfolio of professional-looking artworks, but he’s a self taught artist and he’s disabled. Despite limitations, he proves that if an artist is crazy about his work, nothing comes between the way of innovation. Before painting, David had a 40-year long stint with photography which he lived doing


Pablo Avila 

Pablo is a true expressionist. His portfolio is a quick tour to some wonderful representation of nature and its elements  – shot during unique time and setting.  Pablo has studied fine Arts and Photography and as his bio says he is the Fan of all manifestation of Art


Alan Davis

If you love caricatures, you have to love him! Alan is a postal clerk by profession, but at heart he’s an artist with caricatures being his first choice of expression. You can virtually find anyone in his caricatures – done simplistically using no high-end devices but as simple as Wacom Bamboo tablet and Sketchbook Pro


Joe Lara

Joe is an excellent artist. His photography represents going forward, optimism, and many colours and moods of life. As mentioned on his bio, he uses Photoshop to transform is images into digital art. But the pictures without Photoshop edit are not of a different quality. Whatever picture he clicks, it is a classic work, with or without edit


Melissa Helene Mason

Melissa is an independent artist who work primarily in black and white mediums – pencil, charcoal, and scratch board – but she also enjoys oil painting and photography. Her favourite subjects are nature, landscapes, and animals of the safari. An extraordinary creative!


Kathleen Mueller

When it comes to the world of art, Kathleen says in her introduction she is a learner, but we know she possesses extra ordinary skills to get a hold on whatever she learns and then converting ideas into realty in the form of awesome paintings and photographs



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