10 Artists From France You Should Follow, NOW!

Touchtalent is proud to have listed some of the most creative artists from countries around the world, including France. With this blog, we are covering just a few of them – having said that it is simply a list and does necessarily mean those who have not been covered are equally great. Read on! If you wanted to add your favourite artist, let us know!

Tops the chart is Marie Bouldingue – an extraordinary artist with immense talent. She possesses some awesome skills to breath life into almost any type of art – regardless of its origin, nature and format. No surprises she is one of the favourite artists at Touchtalent 


Philippe Berthier loves experimentation with subjects and doesn’t shy away from covering the uncovered. The artist has an impressive portfolio of sketches, pictures, and other artworks focusing on a range of diverse topics. 


Sabina Kalac is a freelance artist, a designer and a student. Sabina has an attention to detail and enjoys some awesome creativity to ensure uniqueness in her content.


Pascal Peyrusson is a creative photographer who enjoys clicking nature in her true glory. Pascal’s portfolio is tour to some of the amazing moments to life, happening, nature 


Marceline Lawler is a skilled artist with a rich portfolio of work. Let her About me introduces herself – “Marceline Lawler is a Mauritian-born British artist currently living in the South of France. She has had several personal exhibitions in several French Departments, but has also exhibited in the Salon d’Automne of the Grand Palais in Paris, and at the American Cinema Deauville where she achieved special mention for exhibiting an outstanding nude. Prior to that, Marceline exhibited and sold her paintings in London where she achieved 1st prize for her portrait of a miner at the British Telecom. For the past 10 years, Marceline has turned her hand to sculpture” 


Kourosh Niky has an expert hand at sketches. Kourosh possesses some extraordinary skills to bring life into dull subjects and power into the eventful


Edith Donc is a Visual and performing Artist, with some catchy and memorable artworks on Touchtalent. Follow this artist for constant source of creative ideas


David Decker is a self-taught artist specialized in hyper-realistic drawings since 2010. An amazing artist with a sense of creativity! 


Renko Marron is an information designer, and a creative artist with an inspiring portfolio of some unique artworks 


Welcome Franca Dugourd-caput – an autodidact artist, painter, and digital innovator who brings life into work by creatively balancing moods, and settings


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